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My name is Diego Granados 
and I'm a Product Manager.
If you want to become a Product Manager, you came to the right place!
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I believe everybody can be a Product Manager
There is no traditional path to get into product management and everyone has a different story on how to transition to PM.

If it weren't for the changes you suggested and your interview tips. I wouldn't have received the interviews with Amazon, Nuance, Gusto, etc.

I have finally accepted the offer from Amazon for the PM intern role this summer!


Your videos have been insanely helpful in my job search, I have to say of all the books and strategies and tips I’ve come across, the approach you recommended for case questions has made it easy to breakdown a problem without sounding too robotic/prepared.


I wanted to say thank you for doing what you do! Your content has helped me with landing a PM role and the new guide helps me in succeeding in the role. Fantastic stuff! 

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That's why I'm collecting stories from amazing Product Managers to show YOU the different paths you can take to land a job as a Product Manager!
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