Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for being interested in sponsoring my content!

There are 3 sponsorship opportunities that you can choose from:

  1. The Part-Time Product Academy Newsletter with over 7,000 subscribers.
  2.  A YouTube video for more than 22,000 subscribers.

These are very effective and easy ways to get your product, service, or content in front of a large audience of aspiring and current Product Managers, as well as creators.

What You Get As a Sponsor

When you purchase a sponsorship,  you get:


  • One advertisement in the Part-Time Product Academy Newsletter.
  • Your ad will be 1 of a maximum of 2 ads in that issue.
  • The Newsletter is delivered to 7,000+ readers and has an average open rate of 51% and CTR of 1.8%
  •  The cost to run an ad is $200



  • If you are interested in sponsoring a YouTube video please send me an email.


Ad Creative Requirements

- Ads are text only, 1 sentence long, and can include one link.

Example: "Today's issue (or post) is brought to you by the easiest tool to manage customer feedback for your product or service"

- You will supply the copy and I will edit it to fit my voice.

- Ad copy is due 72 hours prior to the newsletter date or post.

- All ads are subject to editorial approval

- Ads and content will not voice how I use the product or service advertised at work. No exceptions.

- My employer will not be mentioned in the ad, Newsletter, Post, or YouTube video. No exceptions.

→ Reserve your NEWSLETTER sponsorship here ($200)


Any questions? Email [email protected]