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Ace any Product Manager interview anywhere, regardless of your experience


The exact system I have created over the years to go from international student with zero PM experience to my latest $400k+ Compensation PM job.

My system has all my frameworks, strategies, and answers that have helped me and thousands to land offers at FAANG, startups, and everything in between.

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Ace any Product Management interview anywhere 

The exact system I have created over the years to go from international student with zero PM experience to my latest $400k+ Compensation PM job.

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The Product Interview Operating System has helped 500+ students ace their interviews with companies like Meta, Amazon, Google, Startups, and  hundreds of other companies around the World.

The Product Interview Operating System has helped 500+ students ace their interviews with companies like Meta, Amazon, Google, Startups, and  hundreds of other companies around the World.
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What's inside?


Learn the best techniques and frameworks in the fastest time possible.



Fundamentals of PM interviews

  • An Overview of Product Management Interviews
  • The Most common mistakes you should avoid
  • How to be perceived as a strong hire for your level (APM, PM, Sr.PM)
  • Mental Health during your interview prep
  • How to deal with being nervous
  • How to ace your call with a Recruiter
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Create Stories That Impress

  • How to properly research a company for your interviews
  • How to not sound like a robot in your interviews
  • Impress with your "Tell me about yourself"
  • Stand out with "Why work at this company?"
  • Convince your interviewer with "Why Product Management?", for aspiring PMs
  • Learn from the best: You'll see my own answers that I use in my interviews!
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Behavioral Questions

  • Mastering the STAR+L Framework to answer "Tell me about a time when..."
  • How to master your stories to prepare for an Amazon interview
  • How I ace my Behavioral Interviews with only 5 stories
  • Most common mistakes in Behavioral interview questions
  • How to answer questions when you don't have the experience
  • Learn from the best: Experienced PMs from Amazon and other companies answer some of the most common Behavioral Interview Questions. 
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Product Design 

  • Master the easiest and most effective Framework ever created
  • Understand how Product Managers use this framework in our day-to-day
  • Learn from the best: Watch experienced Product Managers from Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and many more companies answer the most common Product Design Questions.
  • "If I were to only watch one video about Product Design, this would be it!" - Nick
  • "This framework does CIRCLES around the CIRCLES framework! It's by far more cogent, concise and precise produce sense framework!" - Nathan Kwadade
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Strategy Questions

  • An overview of an easy and simple Strategy Framework that combines real Marketing and Corporate Strategy techniques
  • Variations of the Strategy Framework to answer questions about:
    • Mergers & Acquisitions: "Why did Amazon acquire Whole foods?"
    • Entering New Industries: "Should Netflix enter the videogame industry?"
    • New Ventures: "What should Google do next?"
  • Learn from the bestWatch experienced Product Managers from top Tech companies answer common Strategy Questions.
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Product Execution 

  • Answering Metrics & Goals: "How would you measure success for X Product/Feature?"
  • Answering Root Cause Analysis (RCA): "YouTube comments are down 10%, why?"
  • Answering Building New Features: "Should Microsoft build X new feature?"
  • Answering Prioritization Questions: "Would you prioritize feature A or B?"
  • Learn from Experts: Mock interviews with experienced Product Managers from top tech companies!
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  • Learning the Tops Down and Bottoms Up techniques for estimation questions.
  • Step by Step example on how to break down estimation questions.
  • Learn from Experts: Mock interviews with experienced Product Managers from top tech companies!
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Take Home Assignments

  • An overview of how to solve any Take Home Assignments.
  • A template that you can use for your own case.
  • 3 Examples: See how I would approach 3 different cases using the same presentation template I provide!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who am I?

👋 Hi - I'm Diego Granados and just like you... I didn't know how to crack my Product Management Interview.

I moved to the U.S. in 2015 to pursue my goal and land a job in Tech.
After 5 years of being a Product Manager in Top Tech Silicon valley companies and helping thousands of people get into Product Management through my content...

I finally broke down the entire Product Management interview process into this course!

Today I'm sharing all my secrets in this program so you can do the same in 1/100th the time!

Because of my contributions to helping to aspire and current Product Managers to land their dream job I have been recognized 

  • As a top Product Influencer by the Scale Higher organization (co-founded by Ravi Mehta)
  • As a top Product Leader by Product School
  • Recognized and recommended by Lenny Rachitsky in his Newsletter
  • Recommended by recruiters from companies like Amazon and LinkedIn to aspiring PMs

If you want to check my trajectory, check out my LinkedIn Profile and see why more than 75k people chose to follow me on their journey to break into Product Management!

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