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📚 Survival Guide for new Product Managers.

Your ultimate guide to become an amazing PM in no time! 

By Diego Granados 


If you want to break into Product Management, be the Product Manager for your career.

If you have felt overwhelmed by the amount of resources, timelines and things to do to break into Product Management or if you don't know where to start, then this guide is for you!

By Diego Granados 


How to succeed in your summer internship.

Succeeding in an internship takes more than just hard work on your project. Networking, being proactive and understanding the company’s culture are critical elements to receiving an offer to return.

By Diego Granados 


💻 Building Side Projects without code

Your skills as a Product Manager do not depend on how technical is a product or, in this case, your project. Check out this real life Example.

By Diego Granados 


Finding the right connection on LinkedIn - How I transitioned into Microsoft!

Looking for a new job? Getting a recruiter's attention can be hard! Instead, I'll teach you how to find Hiring Manager. This is how I was able to land interviews at Microsoft, Twitch and Amazon!

By Diego Granados